My Services


I am pleased to provide the following services:
► Product Photography Editing Services:
* Product Background Removal
* Background Changing to White or Transparent
* Clipping Path/Multiple Clipping Path/Deep Etching/Cutout/Masking
* Color Correction/Fix or Color Changing
* Resizing (Dimension=Width & Height or File=Weight)
* Natural/Drop or Mirror/Reflection Shadow Making or Adding
* Retouching, Blemished Remove, Cleanup & Polishing
* Mannequin Neck Adding
* Watermark Removal or Watermar Adding Logo/Text
* Object Removal or Object Adding
* Product Restoration and Manipulation

►Headshot Studio Photography Retouching Services:
* Portrait Background Removal/Hair Masking
* High-End Retouching (Product Model/Magazine Model/Fashion/Beauty/Portrait/Headshot)
* Skin Retouching (Blemish/Pimple/Acne/Wrinkle/Flying Hair/Dark circles under eyes Removal)
* Wrinkle Minimized (Under Eyes, Cheek, Chin, Neck, Dress)
* Makeup & Touch up (Skin/Skin Texture/Teeth/Eye/Blusher/Lipstick/Nose/Hair Improving)
* Color Correction/Fix and White Ballance fix
* Color Changing (Hair, Teeth, Eye, Lipstick, Nail, Cloth, Jewelry)
* Resizing (Dimension=Width & Height or File=Weight)
* Object Removal or Object Adding
* Person Removal or Person Adding
* Family/Old Photo Restoration
* Cloth Adding & Removal, Cloth Crease Removal, Cloth Color Changing
* Fat/Body Slimming or Increase
* Double Chin Removal
* Combine Two Photos/Image Blending

►Photography Post Production
* RAW Processing, Batch Processing in Lightroom & Photoshop
* Landscape Photo Retouching and Improvement
* Jewelry Photo Background Change & Retouching
* Real Estate Photography Post Processing & Retouching
* Wedding Photography Post Processing & Retouching