Product Photo Editing, Retouching, Enhancement, and Manipulation

– Product Photo Editing, Retouching, Enhancement, and Manipulation

– Clipping Path (Use pen tool manually, do not use any quick selection method)

– Remove Image Background

– Change Photo Background White or Background Transparent

– Deep Etch, Masking, Alpha Channel, Chanel Masking

– Image Color Correction, Contrast Enhancement, White Balance Fix

– Color Replacement/Recoloring (Product, Dress, Cloth, Leather, Cloth, Jewelry, Hair etc.)

– Image Resizing and Cropping

– Drop Shadow or Reflection/Mirror Shadow Making

– Remove Blemishes, Sunburns, Fingerprint, Sketch, Dot, Spot, Dust, and Watermark

– Removing Wrinkle/Crease

– Add Any Objects, Text, Logo, Tattoo, Watermark, Sticker and Image

– Product Quality Enhancement, Cleanup and Polishing

– Photo Optimization for Web or Print Media

– Indexing and Key Wording of images

– Product Collage Shape Making

– Product Dimension Ruler Adding

– Jewelry Image Background Change, Retouching, Enhancement, Restoration, and Manipulation

– Neck Joint, Invisible Mannequin, Ghost Mannequin Editing

– Cloth with Model Photo Editing for Ecommerce Online Store

– Wrap Label Around Bottle/Car/Box/Wall Etc.

– Product Manipulation